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We are not only rotational mold maker, but also rotomolding problem solver. All your rotomolding problems can be perfectly solved here. 

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WaveMolding Creation

WaveMolding is a young team but full of energy. Let us bring your ideal concept into reality! Come and make it happen.

300 + Design

From small auto parts to large vertical water storage tank.

1 Industries Served

Cover public infrastructure, vehicle, food industry, etc.

1 + Members

Skilled and experienced  provide one-stop solution

0 Factories

Located in the eastern coastal city, cover an area of over 8,000 square meters

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Aluminum Mold

Long service life, available for different texture, Suitable for high precision products

Steel Sheet Mold

Low mold cost, good thermal conductivity, suitable for large size products

Finished Product

Environment friendly recycle material, available for different colors, inserts acceptable


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LED products with rotomolding process

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