8 Steps to Produce a Rotational Aluminum Mold!


Do you know how long it will take to produce an aluminum casting mold? Do you know how many steps and operations it requires? Follow us and have better schedule for your project!

1. Wood former

Once the design for the model had been produced, the mould pattern made by expanded polystyrene will be prepared. The pattern is directly manufactured via CNC. The whole process usually takes 3 days.

2. Casting

Sand castings are produced in a foundry using sand as the mold material to produce parts from almost any molten metal: typically iron, steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, magnesium alloys.

The sand is mixed with a bonding agent to produce a strong aggregate suitable for molding and is poured into mold boxes or flask. The sand is compacted around model or pattern creating the mold cavity and gate system.

Molten aluminum is poured into the casting cavity through a runner system and feeders which maintain good flow. Gas and steam generated during casting exit through the permeable sand or out risers inserted into the flask. The mold box is then left to cool. The whole process usually takes 4 days.

3. Casting cleaning

The aluminum casting as is it was removed from the sand was quite rough and has the sprue and riser/s still attached. After cooling, clean burrs on the mold to smooth the rough edges of casting. Usually takes 2 days.

4. Aluminum CNC

Turning the parting line surface to produce a flat parting line between the mold halves to trap the powered plastic in the mold during rotation. In Ningbo Roto-Mould, not only inside surface treated by CNC, but outside as well. In this way, the mold can be lighter and the wall thickness will be more uniform. It usually takes 5 days.

5. Assemble

Adjust the clamping line so that different module can fit as closely as possible. It usually takes 6 days.

6. Frame making

    Usually 3 cm steel pipe is used to make the outer frame of the mold, and the lifting lugs and positioning pins are installed at the same time, so that the mold can be firmly installed on the turntable for rotating production. It usually takes 3 days.

7. Surface treatment

The inner surface of the mold is treated with Teflon or sandblast. This process usually takes two days to complete

8. Sample test

A sample test is needed after all steps. Some potential issue with mold that people cannot find in naked eyes will be shown in product. Through post-soldering repair, these problems can be solved. It usually takes 2 days.

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