WaveMolding April Newsletter


From Ningbo Roto-mould to WaveMolding!

In order to make the company name more distinctive and recognizable, we selected the word Wave from our founder’s name and changed Ningbo Roto-mould to WaveMolding.

    At the same time, the website was optimized to be more concise. Molds are showing more intuitively, and we have listed and summarized the plastic products we can customize.     Whether you have been a long time in the rotomolding industry or are new here, you can always find a good solution at WaveMolding.

Floating Dock Rotational Mold

Floating dock is one of the typical representative products of rotomolding. Rotomolding process can form a sealed hollow cavity which provides safe and reliable buoyancy for the product. We received the client’s project drawing and made it. In the details, we polished the parting line, which not only looks great but also makes the mold close tighter and reduces the overflow of materials.

Auto Part Rotational Mold

This is a mold with five cavities for making semi-circular auto parts. The surface is treated with Teflon for faster demolding and no need to spray any release agent.

The Rotomolded part is lighter than metal, which can reduce the weight of the car and fuel consumption. Besides, it is safer than products made by injection/blow molding because it has no stress on the surface of the part.




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