Is Acrylic spas better than HDPE rotomolded spas


Rotationally molded hot tubs, also known as roto-shaped hot tubs, have been an extraordinary choice for good hydrotherapy at a moderate cost. These tubs are not as lightweight as inflatables, however, they are tougher and some will say a superior hot tub for what you spend. The normal weight of a roto-molded hot tub is between 200-300 pounds dry, making them exceptionally compact and have built-in seating for added comfort. Due to the amount of water jets compared to an inflatable hot tub, it is a better choice for hydrotherapy. Generally, roto-molded hot tubs run in cost from $2000-$4000, however, there are a couple of brands with exceptional components that can cost up to $6000. 

Roto-molding is an assembling process that takes an empty cast shape loaded with powdered plastic resin that is heated and pivoted gradually on two axles. The mold is heated remotely making the powder condense and spread evenly and is then cooled after forming the shape of the shell. The roto-molded hot tubs are extra durable because the shell is made into a unibody with no added elements. The materials that are used in a roto-molded hot tub are not subject to as much long term wear and tear as well as weather damages unlike inflatable and acrylic hot tubs. 



The lightweight design enables it to be maneuvered easily around the yard or to an alternate area. The units are not as lightweight as an inflatable hot tub, but they run between 200-300 lb., which is accessible.


Durability. Roto-formed hot tubs are tougher compared to conventional hot tubs. They don’t have any wood in them to decay and are made of a solitary piece (unibody) shell plan which makes them extremely solid. The single piece shell with no cracks or crevices also keeps vermin at bay


Less Attractive

Roto-molded hot tubs are less stylish compared to traditional hot tubs since they have a more plastic look to them. Conventional spas come in numerous shapes and sizes and offer greater luxurious/stylish alternatives.

Less Performance

Although roto-molded hot tubs have preferably hydrotherapy treatment over inflatable hot tubs they still do not compare to traditional acrylic hot tubs when it comes to performance Roto-molded hot tubs, for the most part, offer only between 10-30 water jets because of the constrained space accessible for plumbing and also run on one smaller 1.5-2 horsepower jet pump.

Acrylic Hot Tubs

Starting in the late 1970’s, cross-linked continuous cast acrylic sheets were perceived as the prevalent material for manufacturing spas. Its imperviousness to chemicals and sunlight along with the capacity to vacuum frame it into complex shapes made it the perfect item for this application. Because of the small barrier of entry into this market, throughout the following twenty years, the acrylic hot tub industry developed to more than 100 makers in North America. Europe and Asia also recognized the demand for acrylic hot tubs, so they were soon produced all around the world. 


Acrylic hot tubs are by far the most stunning looking hot tub around. That deep, shiny sparkle is always nice with acrylic hot tubs, you just can’t get that with a roto-molded or inflatable hot tub. Wood board cupboards are another pleasant element of acrylic tubs. Acrylic hot tubs regularly come standard with fully loaded options that brings a luxurious feel and extreme functionality. Dozens of fancy jets fill an acrylic hot tub along with large pumps, heavy duty heaters, filters, and many more features to enhance your hot tub experience.

  • Wide assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Light enough to be installed on rooftops or upper levels. (Inspect platform weight capacity before installing hot tub)
  • Plumbing electrical are accessible for repairs
  • Good insulating qualities provide long lasting heat
  • Comfort and relaxation is unparalleled
  • Ergonomic seats and aligning jets provide amazing hydrotherapy massages
  • Powerful pumps provide even and incredibility strong jet pressure
  • Includes many different feature options from mp3 surround sound to backlit water falls
  • Acrylic surface is guaranteed to provide 100% waterproofing 


First and foremost, acrylic spas can easily cost between $8-12k, almost double the cost of roto-molded tubs. They are considerably heavier, bulkier and harder to move around effectively. Most acrylic models require an entire 220V electrical outlet, which does not come standard in most backyards or patios and will require a certified electrician to install.

  • Can crack if severely abused
  • Repairs may be extensive and costly
  • Heating cost can be expensive depending on surround weather and size of hot tub.
  • Requires an electrician to install a bigger outlet

Roto-molded, and traditional acrylic hot tubs are all great choices when looking for a hot tub to buy. They all have their upside and they all have their downside. It is all about preference at the end of the day, and it is important to look at your situation and what you want out of your hot tub.
Roto-molded hot tubs are the best long lasting starter hot tub. This type of hot tub is arguably the best bang for your buck. Deep ergonomic seats lined with high powered adjustable jets provide an amazing hydrotherapy massage, far more superior than the inflatable hot tub. Roto-molded hot tubs are where you start to see some of the fancy features that really take your hot tub experience to the next level such as backlit waterfalls and mood lighting, the optional.




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