Service & Warranty

Mold Tool Design & Manufacture

Molds are designed and produced according to customers’ product drawings. The texture on the surface of the mold and the position of the vent hole will be confirmed with the customer in advance. The available surface textures include sandblasting, shot peening, polishing, etc. If you need to make special textures, such as imitation wood and imitation marble, we will evaluate in advance and provide the price again.

The life of the mold is normally 30,000 demoulding times. Responsibility division: The customer is responsible for the damage caused by the mold bumping or improper installation caused by the customer, but we can provide repair suggestions. If the mold defect is caused by our side, we will bear the follow-up cost.


Product production refers to the situation in which the customer entrusts us to carry out the production of the product. According to the customer’s annual demand for the product, we will discount or refund the mold cost accordingly. Before the official mass production, we will conduct product proofing and send to customers for product compression testing, etc., and mass production after confirming the quality. If the customer entrusts us to carry out the test, we will send back the test data and video for the customer’s reference. If there is a quality problem with the product, the responsibility will be divided and each will be held responsible.

Assembly & Packing

Product assembly and packaging refers to the situation where the customer entrusts us with semi-finished product assembly and finished product packaging. If the customer needs, we can accept the parts purchased by the customer from other domestic manufacturers without charging any fees; if the customer needs us to purchase on behalf of the customer, we will send the purchase sample to the customer for inspection, and purchase in bulk after the inspection is passed. There will be some extra charge for assembly and order cartons according to customer’s drawings. At the same time, customers can assign third-party inspection agencies to the factory for quality inspection.

Storage & Transportation

If the project schedule is delayed and the mold needs to be stored on behalf of us, we will not charge any additional fees, but we will not be responsible for easily deformed molds such as large steel plate molds, etc., if the molds are naturally deformed during storage.
If the project schedule is delayed, we need to store the finished plastic products, usually within six months or within two 40ft containers, we will not charge any additional fees.
Please note that since Wavemolding is not engaged in the transportation industry, the transportation fees provided by WaveMolding to customers are obtained from the freight forwarder and shipping company, and the prices are transparent and checkable.



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