WaveMolding July Newsletter



Since July, the northern hemisphere seems to be experiencing rare extreme heat weather. The average temperature in parts of the United Kingdom and Spain has exceeded 40 degrees Celsius and caused wildfires. China’s Zhejiang, Shanghai, and other regions have also entered the “oven mode”, which prompted us to adjust our working hours — rest in the afternoon, and start work in the evening, but your order still maintains the normal progress, you can always trust WaveMolding Plastics.

If you are suffering from high temperatures, please drink plenty of water, try to avoid working outdoors in the afternoon, bring emergency medicines, and contact the hospital as soon as possible if you feel unwell.

Rotomolding in the automotive industry

The auto parts made by rotomolding have uniform wall thickness and no stress on the surface, so they have excellent safety and sealing. Air tubes, fuel tanks, fenders, seats and other auto parts are typical applications of rotomolding.




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