WaveMolding June Newsletter


Find a Good Option for Your Rotomolded Spa Project!

Rotomolded spas have gradually become the preferred process for many entry-level spa equipment. The rotomolded spa not only allows customers to experience the pleasure of spa treatment but also lowers the threshold of the experience. Since the market has high requirements and expectations for spa equipment, the rotomolded spa project can also be used to measure whether a mold manufacturer is “good enough”.

Point 1. Surface treatment

The rotomolded spa can be installed and used directly after demoulding and does not require secondary surface processing, so the surface treatment of the mold is very important. Usually, mold inner surface treatments include Teflon, shot peening, etc. Teflon plates can be installed where no forming is required to save raw materials.

Point 2. Mold weight control

The spa mold is very heavy, and the daily output of one mold can be about 12 pieces. CNC machining the outside surface of the spa mold can reduce the weight of the mold and make the products’ wall thickness more uniform. An experienced mold maker will balance mold strength and weight to create perfect molds and products.

Suggestions for project time schedule

The international freight costs and lead time may greatly impact your overseas rotomolding projects. Usually, it takes 25~35 days to produce a mold. Lead times vary from region to region. You can set aside two months for shipping if is time sufficient. It takes 7~9 days for international express but the freight is much higher. Maybe this info will help with your project schedule and budget. For more details, please feel free to contact us!




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