WaveMolding September Newsletter


Application of Rotomolding in Vehicle Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is one of the most important parts of the vehicle, and most manufacturers in the market use the rotomolding process to produce the fuel tank.

A recognized advantage of rotomolding fuel tanks is that there is no stress inside and the wall thickness is uniform everywhere. It is not easy to break even if it is impacted by external forces. This increases the safety of the car.

And the rotomolding process can also enable manufacturers to design the fuel tank flexibly. In the molding process, accessories such as inserts can be embedded, and the integral molding reduces the process.

Both the water tank and the fuel tank are container products, and there is basically no difference between them from the mold. We usually make a knife edge at the water inlet and outlet, which is convenient for cutting after demoulding. You can choose matte, glossy and other surface textures for your water tank. In WaveMolding, these regular textures are free of charge.

Rotomolded fuel tanks are also applied in golf carts, snow plows, off-road motorcycles, racing cars, family cars, agricultural trucks.

Some companies also use rotomolding to make seats, fenders,

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