Why choose WaveMolding?


Are you still upset about the constant cracking of rotational molds? Do you always have to pay highly for roto molding maintenance? Are you tired of purchasing molds, plastics powder, and accessories from different vendors? Ningbo Roto-Mould could help you solve all these problems!

Wavemolding is a company that runs on rotational mold making and rotomolding more than 20 years, with a good reputation in the industry.

There are mainly 4 reasons for choosing us:

High Quality & Stable Lead Time

Compared with other mold factories in China, most of the casting molds in our factory are CNC two sides. So the mold quality is almost the same as the billet Aluminum molds, but the cost is much lower. In this way, the molds will get enough heat in the oven and it will help the plastic products shape better. Although we CNC two sides, the lead time of the mold making is the same as others(one side).

One-stop Service

One-stop service makes things easier. We are responsible for turning your designs and ideas into reliable products with a reasonable budget. So no more negotiating with multiple suppliers at the same time. When the project is confirmed, we will also provide the mold drawings to check before the molds making process. We will provide our experience in your mold making, so it will help you a lot when you arrange the plastic production. During the 20 years’ mold making and rotomolding, we have accumulated many excellent resources. I believe our one-stop service will save your time and energy and make you satisfied.

Professional Team

We own a team with excellent technicians, engineers, and many experienced workers. Most of them have working experience in rotomolding industry over 10 years, so they will help you solve many problems from your design process to the plastic production process.

Advanced Equipment 

Wavemolding is equipped with many types of equipment, such as two CNC machines, one foaming machine, six rotomolding machines, and so on. We can not only make only rotomolded products but also make the rotomolded parts with PU foaming.

As long as you have the request related to rotomolding, we will make it. So please do not hesitate to contact us. We believe you will not regret choosing us to be your vendor.




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