Why Rotomoulding produces Superior Quality Toys


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Rotomolded toys, such as balls, dolls, strollers, bicycles, and amusement parks, stand out for their beauty, resistance, details precision, and good finishing.

This article shows how rotomoulding makes possible to produce high-quality toys with greater precision, economy, and raw materials usage.

The rotational molding process allows obtaining products with uniform wall thickness and very detailed, with a precise control of the molded part weigh, and low degrees of plastic contamination. As a result, there is a small material loss in the process, with little or none shavings generation, that way, reducing the costs.

 Machines with rotational movements, used for dolls and balls manufacture, allows an adequate raw materials distribution through the mold cavities. In addition, they’re able to extract parts from the molds using vacuum. For good moldability, the raw material and the mold must be of good quality so the machine perform the perfect molding.

Besides that, the rotational molding allows molding with hollow parts, which can be simple or highly complex. Some are very small and have complicated details, requiring complete manufacturing process control. For that reason, the rotomoulding machines need to be capable of filling all the molds spaces.

On its turn, toys with a larger structure, such as slides, strollers, horses, and seesaws, demands caution with the risks of part deformation, and allow the material to flow on the parts cavities with a greater angle. In these cases, the manufacturer must count with the PLC resources that controls the rotation and direction as well as the temperature.

A differential for the playgrounds manufacturing through rotomoulding is given by the centrifugal force, that eliminates the necessity of pressure on the molding process. Besides that, different parts can be produced on the same machinery, making the end cost cheaper. The process allows the manufacturing of more resistant and innovative toys, with refined finishes and designs, capable of offering more safety and durability for the playgrounds.

On the inflatable toys manufacturing with the rotomoulding process, the main product used by the companies is the PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The option for this material is due to its versatility, where it can have its properties modified for obtaining extremely solid or flexible profiles. In inflatable toys, companies’ main product in inflatable canvas production is PVC from the rotational molding process. This material’s choice is due to its versatility, as it can have its properties modified to obtain extremely rigid or flexible levels.

Check the cautions involved for toys manufacturing

Yearly, many researches are made with the objective of defining which are the best toys options for children. The manufacturing process involves a wide team of professionals with designers, psychologists, pedagogues, engineers, and assemblers.

Rotomolded toys stand out for their beauty and present more excellent resistance and durability than those made with other materials. To achieve the best results, aspects such as color, design, materials, and functionality needs to be considered.

Playgrounds needs to ensure safety, fun and help in the kid’s development. These toys need to be resistant, as they’re exposed to adverse weather conditions. That way, the materials involved in manufacturing must be certified and have quality assurance especially for the safety of children of many different ages that will be playing on it.

To ensure that production complies with current legislation and provides excellent safety for children, playgrounds are subject to rigorous inspections; factors such as resistance, flammability, and size of the pieces are evaluated according to the children’s age. The parts need to be manufactured without sharp corners that could hurt children also, non-toxic materials to not offer health risks for them.

As we have seen, the rotational molding process brings much more precision, efficiency, and savings for the toy industry, with attention for the safety criteria, enabling large-scale production with lowest possible costs.




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